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My name is Keisuke Oda.
I myself worked for a local construction company and gained a lot of experience in field management and field work.
While working as an employee, the desire to answer the needs of customers became stronger, and in January 2011 we started as a private business, Oda Construction.
In order to further expand our business, wide range of work, and employee benefits, we started Taisei Corporation in July 2019 and started a new feeling.

Our company designs and constructs exterior, plasterer, and exterior works requested by individual customers. Subcontracting of housing foundation work and creation work from construction companies and real estate companies. We undertake a wide range of work from construction companies such as prefectures and cities, etc. and small and detailed work, which must be in time for process management. I think that this job can be done because our employees are experienced and have a strong sense of responsibility.

All of our employees work hard every day so that we can help you turn your dreams into a shape and help your community create a good place to live.

If you have any help, please feel free to contact us with any questions or inquiries.


1 Concrete Work

At our company, our skilled craftsmen design and finish our customers’ wishes and desires. There are various finishing methods, such as gold-plated finish, brushed finish, wash-out finish, and wooden finish, even with a single earthen concrete.

In addition, slits are used to divide each block, and it is made of single-sided concrete to prevent cracks.

In addition, you can put patterns and colors in the mat stamp construction, so please consult us for anything.

2 Block Work

Block construction-defective construction.

For this reason, we will conduct preliminary surveys and site surveys, and propose appropriate foundation design and construction based on the site.

In addition, we try to make arrangements that make it easy for customers to image blocks using catalogs, photos, and construction examples from each manufacturer.

Block construction can be used for various purposes such as earth retaining, border, and design-oriented makeup.

3 Exterior Work

There are also many consultations on how to solve inconveniences while living, setting up carports for rain measures, installing fences because of concern about the surroundings, setting up terraces because we want a laundry room, used for hobbies We have received many requests for each unit, such as the installation of storerooms.

If you feel any inconvenience, please contact us.

4 Civil engineering Construction Works

In civil engineering work, we undertake contracts from general and special works such as prefectures, cities, individual requests and road construction from local construction companies to retaining walls and blocks in mountainous areas, river and pond revetments. I will do the construction.

In the construction work, we use large heavy machinery, dump trucks, etc., which take several months to complete the construction of lots and lots, and large and small construction works for those who want to build a detached house.


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    TAISEI construction Co., ltd.

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    Yusuke Oda

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    24-14, Kuniyasu, Kakegawa Shi, Shizuoka Ken, 437-1413, Japan

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